Tuesday, 3 November 2009

The New Norm

Around half the world’s people will imminently be connected via the Internet and the pace of connectivity is rising exponentially. If Michel Foucault is right that knowledge equals power, then the Internet is the ultimate power distributor. This is the new norm.

I have written a new paper to explore some of the key facets of our new norm within which our economies and society exist.

The paper presents a set of emerging leadership techniques critical to embrace the new norm, and 5 new questions to help re-frame organisational strategy and take new action.

I hope you find it an interesting read, and as ever, comments are highly valued.

The New Norm.pdf

A word of acknowledgement - the paper brings together a number of aspects of work which have been on-going for some time, and with that the influences of many collaborators, for which I remain grateful. In addition, I am grateful for the input of David Flint and Huub Stiekema to the paper.